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We are passionate about manual workers getting the best income protection insurance available.

Injuries sustained whilst working or taking part in any type of sport or activity, as well as any type of illness, can spell disaster for those who do not have income protection insurance. Should you not be able to work, you could easily find yourself unable to pay your rent, mortgage and bills – a situation which can quickly escalate in to financial difficulties.

When considering buying any type of income protection insurance, it can be confusing to understand what the cover actually provides.

Thankfully the experts at Defaqto, the leading independent rating company, have done all the hard work for you. With a Defaqto 5-Star rating, the policy provided by Income Assured is one of the highest quality offerings in the market.

5 Good reasons why you should have income protection:

It will never happen to me...
Ensures your bills are paid
It's cheaper than you think
Covers high risk jobs, and working at any height
Covers you for all sports
It will never happen to me...

Famous last words?  A trip to any hospital will always highlight the number of work accidents or injuries, as well as injuries from amateur sports and activities. No matter how experienced you are in your job, or how safe you are, the unexpected can always happen, so just in case it does – make sure you’re covered.

Ensures your bills are paid

Many people think that if they are unable to work the state will provide for them, but government support doesn’t stretch very far at all. For example, statutory sick pay for employees in the UK is currently just £95.85 per week, and for self-employed, the state benefits start at just £58.90 per week – could you or your family live off that? With our policy you can recieve up to 65% of your earnings – tax free, and the payments are backdated to the first day you were signed off work.

It's cheaper than you think

Protecting yourself and your wages against injuries at work or whilst doing sports and activities is probably much cheaper than you think. Whether you’re employed or self-employed, you can find a policy to match your budget. Get an instant personal injury quote now, and see how quick and easy it is to get you and your income insured.

Covers high risk jobs, and working at any height

This cover is perfect for those who do a manual job, and most high-risk jobs are automatically covered at no extra cost. Whilst most policies like this don’t like people working at heights, our policy has no such restrictions. So, whatever height your job requires you to work at, you’ll never have to worry about not being covered.

Covers you for all sports

No matter how many sports you do or how high-risk or hazardous they are, our policy covers your for all of them at no extra cost. This gives you complete peace of mind, so if you decide to take up a new sport, or even decide to do a spur-of the-moment naked skydiving jump, you know you’ll automatically be covered. Unlike some sports injury insurance policies, with income protection cover you won’t have to prove that your injury was sport related – how refreshing!

In March 2020 Which? consumer magazine stated ‘The one protection policy every working adult in the UK should consider is the very one most of us don’t have – income protection’.

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About Accident & Sickness Income Protection Insurance

Protect Your Income with Accident & Sickness Insurance

Whether you’re employed or self employed, income protection insurance is vitally important to ensure you’re covered in case of accident and injury. This type of insurance covers you financially in case you are unable to work due to an accident or injury, no matter how it occurs.  Many people ignore this type of insurance because they assume it is expensive, but we are able to provide income protection insurance that is surprisingly affordable, and offers financial peace of mind in case of any injury or sickness which prevents you from working.


Insurance for tradesmen

Tradesman working on a roofOur policies can offer income protection insurance for all tradesmen such as builders, roofers, construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, glaziers and electricians. Many manual jobs carry an element of risk so it’s important for tradesmen and tradeswomen to make sure they are adequately protected with tradesman insurance in case of accident and injury. Other skilled trades and jobs by this insurance policy covered include labourers, outdoor workers and landscape gardeners.  Due to the high risk nature of their jobs, our tree surgeon insurance for forestry specialists as well as scaffolder insurance are very popular. All workers, whether self-employed or employed, should consider a tradesman insurance policy to cover income payments.


Insurance for builders

Builder holding hatMany people in the building industry are self employed and leave themselves financially exposed if they do not have builders insurance cover for accidents that may force them to take time off work. Our income protection cover is suitable for all self employed (and employed) people working in building trades such as carpentry, brick laying and roofing. These insurance policies are not restricted to building trades and can be taken by people in any self employed or employed work where accidents and injuries are common such as tree surgery and outdoor jobs.

Tree Surgeon

Insurance for tree surgeons

Many tree surgeons are self employed and may completely lose their income if they are unable to work due to an accident or sickness. That’s why it is important for these workers to consider tree surgeon insurance cover. Our income protection cover is suitable for all self employed (and employed) people and provides the tree surgeon an income tax-free if they are unable to work. This insurance protection can be taken by anyone who is either employed or self-employed, and by anyone who works in an industry were accidents and injuries are common such as tree surgery, landscape gardening, fencing and similar trades.


Sports insurance for accidents

Man clutches sports injuryFor people who regularly participate in sports, sports accident insurance is highly recommended. Should you have an accident resulting in a sporting injury which means you are unable to work, our policies will cover your income. Getting sports insurance will allow you to claim for injury and all team sports are covered. We also highly recommend extreme sports insurance, as we regularly cover individuals with motocross insurance and provide cover for other extreme sports.

Sports insurance for injuries

Sports Injury diagramInjuries are a natural part of life for people who regularly play sport. In team sports, in particular, injuries are common so it’s important that amateur sports people take out adequate sports injury insurance. Some teams may provide a basic level of insurance for players, but otherwise players should consider income protection insurance for peace of mind when playing any type of sport. We provide protection for all kinds of sports including football insurance and rugby insurance.


Income protection insurance for motocross riders

Motocross rider in accidentMotocross is a thrilling sport but accidents do happen. If an accident occurs, motocross riders can be laid off work for weeks which can be a problem financially. Our motocross insurance cover provides income replacement should riders be unable to work due to an accident, injury or some other illness.  This kind of insurance protection is vitally important for motocross riders who are self-employed where income would dry up if they are unable to work. Read more about our motocross insurance cover.


Insurance cover for football players

Football player injures his ankleAnyone who watches professional football will know that players are often prone to injury. But accidents and injuries are also common for amateur football players who also have full-time jobs to think about. In case of accidents or injuries which result in time off work, regular players should think about football insurance cover to ensure they continue to receive an income. These income protection schemes offer peace of mind for footballers.


Income protection insurance for rugby players

High tackle causes rugby injuryRugby is a rough and challenging game. Accidents and injuries are therefore inevitable. Some injuries are small but more serious injuries could lead to time off work.  In these situations it is vital for rugby players to be financially covered, especially if they are self-employed. Our rugby insurance cover is available for all amateur players, no matter what their trade or profession (only a few exceptions). This insurance policy ensures rugby players receive a good proportion of their income if they cannot work due to accident or illness.