– No proof of income needed to make a claim, and no medical questions to apply!

Simply select the level of cover you want:

Choose a benefit of between £300 to £1500 per month to be paid out to you when you claim. You can choose a level of cover that suits your budget, which could be enough for just your essential bills if required. The level of cover available to you is not linked to your income as you just need to be working at least 16 hours per week if you are employed, or be self-employed. Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) through your employer or Employment Support Allowance (ESA) from the State can be paid on top of your benefit.

Automatic cover:

With no long medical questionnaires to fill in, you can be up and running with cover in less than 2 minutes. Once you have selected the level of cover and given your basic details, acceptance is guaranteed.

Jobs and sports covered:

Literally all jobs and sports are automatically covered, no matter how high-risk. This includes jobs which are notoriously hard to get cover for such as trawler-men, high-rope access technicians and scaffolders. This policy even covers extreme sports such as motocross, skydiving and martial arts.

Choice of waiting periods:

Select how long you want to wait before being eligible to claim your benefit. Choose from 14 Days or 30 Days.


Premiums are not dependent on your sex, job or smoker status. No matter how many times you claim, the premium will never change.

Are there any medical exclusions?

When you apply there are no medical questions, so it’s quick and easy to obtain cover and acceptance is usually immediate. Any medical condition that you are aware of or have received treatment for will be excluded – unless you have been symptom-free and not received any advice or treatment for it for two years prior to a claim. Any new medical conditions will therefore be covered – but please refer to the Policy Document for full details.

Are there any initial exclusion periods?

For claims related to accidents, you will be covered from day one of the policy. For claims relating to sickness and claims relating to unemployment, there is an initial exclusion period of 60 days from the policy start date before you are eligible to make a claim.

What isn’t covered?

  • HIV, AIDS and related conditions
  • Normal pregnancy
  • Drug addition or alcohol abuse
  • Backache or whiplash (unless there is radiological evidence of medical abnormality)
  • Mental illness or stress
  • If you are away from the European Union for more than 90 days

There is no cash-in value at any time, and you may cancel the policy at any time without charge.

This product is provided in partnership with April UK Insurance

The key benefits of this policy:

  • Maximum payout of 12 months per claim
  • Extreme sports included as standard
  • High risk jobs covered at no extra cost
  • No medical questions or proof of income
  • Available to employed and self employed
  • Choose payout from £300 to £1500 per month

Short Term Cover Premiums

The prices below are for Day 14 cover (payout backdated to the first day you were signed off). Day 30 cover option is also available for a slightly cheaper premium.

Our cover pays you an income when you are unable to work, but not just for time off work from sporting injuries; it will also cover you for any accidents at work, as well as for illness.

Choose from: